Happy Pi Day and All Things Influenced by Circumference

For any nerd this is the day that always makes you smile.  And like past years I will celebrate with a blueberry pie… my second favorite Pi after 3.1415926535.  O.K. I do like pie much better than pi.  Who knows, this year maybe I will get lemon meringue pie and swap it up.

How do we commemorate this day?  How about talking a little Big Bang Theory for a minute.  This month we have an amazing guest star gracing the show with Leonard Nimoy popping in to say hello.  How do they top that?  Drag in Stephen Hawking.  Yes, Stephen F’n Hawking the greatest mind of our time.  Possibly the greatest moment on the show since Sheldon heckled Brian Greene and we haven’t even see the episode yet.

What else relates to Pi?  Soccer, or as the Brits call it Football.  The arc of the corner kick takes a geometric understanding where you would like the ball to land, and for a time David Beckham was the worlds best, now he studies the curves of a different sort. His lovely wife.  But all the best to the man who sparked my interest in the sport following my introduction during the 1994 World Cup.

Pi is also far too confusing for Americans, or so Hollywood thinks.  Why did they remove the Pi reference in the story of Contact and replace it with a tv signal.

As much as we ridicule NASCAR and racers, understanding angles is all that stands between a successful racer and an aspiring dead man.  Whether you think it is redneck or not, it takes some computations to not over or under turn a corner at 150 mph.

Since basketball and the NBA locked out their fans for part of the season, this is all you will see from me about them and their greedy arcs.

What makes Pi so great?  Is it that it is such a minuscule fraction that just keeps transcending and proven unsolvable even by the most advanced minds and computers.  Or that some where in between 3.14159 and 3.14160 lies what may be the perfect recipe for pies.

The world is made of circles, embrace Pi… or just enjoy some pie today.

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