U.S. Navy Declassifies 3 UFO Videos aka The Truth is Out There

When I started this blog some 10 plus years ago I chose a title that meant something to me, it is clearly a mixture of sci-fi entertainment and real life “sci-fi.”  Since I was a kid outerspace and Star Wars was a fascination… it was for every boy born in my generation.  I was 5 and 8 years old when Empire and Jedi came out, those were some real shaping and developing years for a boy so it is no wonder I also have a obsession with Roswell, aliens and UFOs.

This week, sort of quietly the U.S. Navy and the Pentagon declassified 3 videos of UFO encounters.  This is not the government saying they are alien spaceships, this is they acknowledging these are simply unidentified crafts crossing path with our aircrafts.

Tom DeLonge has been at the forefront for several years getting people to notice these videos, trying to get officials on the record about what we are seeing, this week was the first time the government said, “yes the videos are real and yes they can from in flight recordings of our fighter jets.”  The videos were out there for 3 years hearing the validation seems to be a huge step in the direction of disclosure for an organization that has always denied any knowledge of UFO existence to the public.  While they are again not saying it is of unearthly origin, they are atleast beginning to share information and validate or authenticate what some feel is evidence.

If anything can come out of this pandemic we are currently experiencing it is that for the most part people can handle and manage these events.  The streets are not burning, the National Guard does not need to patrol the downtown areas to stop store looting.  People have been mostly peaceful and orderly through this situation, maybe now is the time to drop the news bombs if in fact they have concrete evidence.

Here is a link to the videos:  https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/04/27/navy-declassifies-its-notorious-ufo-sighting-videos.html

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