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Best in 2011: APPS

First things first, this category is game free.  Why?  Because I put Handheld/Phone Gaming in with the Gaming Best.

That said, I also must say I do not have an iPhone so all my apps are solely based on Android OS.  Some cross over, well most, but you won’t see iPhone Only listed here.

Think back 5 years ago, where would you be without internet in the waiting room, in commute or at work?  Well, 5 years ago is where you would be.  But it is hard to believe our world has changed this much that we can’t eve ride an elevator without checking Facebook or 4 Squaring your dinner location.  Great tool for anyone about to rob your condo, you just let them know that where you are for at least an hour or two.  Enough media bashing, there is some good to it, and here they are…

Sports App: FotMob Soccer Scores
News App: Google Reader
Audio Media App: Pocket Cast
Shopping App : Amazon App Store
Video Media App: Netflix
Social Media App: Twitter
Fitness App: Cardio Trainer Pro

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Best in 2011: GAMES

Here is one of my favorite past times, it is also something I have neglected far to much of in my little bit of free time.  Even with minimal contact I have no doubt I am right.  Why?  Because I am always right!

Console Gaming – Portal 2
Handheld/Phone Gaming – Cut the Rope
Xbox Arcade – Plants vs. Zombies
Web-based Strategy – Enjoy Sudoku

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Best in 2011: BOOKS

The hardest adjustment to parenthood has been the cut back in reading time.  Life with a 3 year-old does not leave you much time for 2-hour reading blocks.  Not complaining, just an adjustment.  Instead of reading 15 or 20 good books I try to find those  4 or 5 great books, and if I start to read a book of questionable quality I stop reading around chapter 4 and move onto something captivating.  The library is your friend, I have only bought one book in the 2011 calendar year.


Fiction – 1Q84
Non-Fiction – The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos
Missed Fiction – Time to Hunt

Honorable Mentions

Bone Machine

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It’s That Time of Year Again…. Best of the Year Awards!!!!!

Last year we had some repeat winners, and this year we have a first ever three-time winner!

Never judged on box office appeal, diacritical acclaim or lobbying pressure; the 88mph Oscar Awards are solely the opinion of me!

Picking the winners is simple and very small criteria, what I enjoyed most.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Here is a preview of some of the awards to come:

Best Album

Best TV/Movie Comedy

Best TV/Movie Drama/Crime

Best TV/Movie Action

Best Movie Foreign/Ind

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Comic

Best Book

Best Athlete

Best Burger

Best Pizza

Best App



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