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Happy Birthday Bruce Lee

My gift to all his fans

In Light of the Recent Grammy’s Debacle…

…I would like to set right the wrongs done by the Grammy industry for a few bands snubbed over the years.

For the past 50 some odd years the tone-deaf folks at the Grammy’s Committee have been lining the record companies pockets with money.  How?  A Grammy award is a license onto a marginal artist that gives them instant credibility and justification to the public without ever putting forth effort.  This is not to say that every award winner is crap, but a portion of them live off the undeserved success of an award to sell sub-standard music to the public for decades to come.

Case-in-point, Metallica, no question are they an amazing band, but their best work is clearly their first 4 albums.  While …And Justice For All did win one award for the single “One,” no album has come close to the technicality and complexity as the prior albums yet they have won 7 Grammy’s and been nominated for 15 Grammy’s along with several dozen AMA, MTV and various other awards all with a lowered quality of music that went virtually unrecognized.  While this may be a case of not getting respect from the industry, it only further proves the Grammy Committee’s biased nature.  So without further delay here are the albums and awards over looked that I would like to recognize.  Continue reading

Best in 2011: MUSIC

This is always a category guarenteed to piss someone off, wait every one off.  If you ask 50 people to list their 5 favortie albums you will have 50 different answers guarenteed.  Even if those 50 people belong to the Beatles-Only Listening Club they will fight amongst themselves about why Sgt. Pepper is better than Abby Road and visa-versa.  Music is almost as bad a topic to discuss as religion.  But anyways, here we go.


Hard Rock/Metal – Leveler by August Burns Red
Rock – Alchemy Vol1 by Poets of the Fall
Hip Hop – Rehab: The Overdose by Lecrae

Honorable Mention:

Decas by As I Lay Dying
Fear of Infinity by While Heaven Wept
Watch the Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West

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And I Heard, as it Were the Noise of Thunder

…or just the amazing sound of August Burns Red

As close to Armageddon as we will ever witness. What a performance!

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