All-Time Movie List

Top 5 in no particular order:
Back to the Future – TRILOGY
Star Wars – TRILOGY (IV, V, VI)
Batman – SERIES (Nolan Series)
Fight Club
Rocky – SERIES

Top 5 Kung Fu
Ong Bak – Parts 2 & 3 (part 1 is a different timeline)
Fist of Fury (Chinese Connection)
Way of the Dragon
The Last Dragon

Top 5 Sci Fi
Super 8
The One
Event Horizon

Top 5 Drama
Training Day
The Departed
Black Swan
Tears of the Sun
Grand Torino

Top 5 Action
The Expendables
Die Hard
Superman -SERIES (Christopher Reeve)
Over the Top

Top 5 Adventure
Indiana Jones – Series
The Goonies
Dark Crystal
The Explorers
The Black Hole

Top 5 Comedy
Old School
Weird Science
Ghostbusters – Sort of does not have a fit category

Top 5 Stand up
Rodney Dnagerfield
Richard Pryor
George Carlin
John Pinnette
Eddie Murphy

Honorable Mentions
Kevin Smith’s Jay & Silent Bob NJ series
Black Hawk Down
Flight of the Navigator


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