D.C. Hates its Fans aka The Fall of DC

The DC 52 reset was supposed to clean the slate, bring in new readers, fix the confusion caused by a decade of tie-ins, crossovers and cross franchise epic storylines that they said was limiting growth.

For 6 months it was working.  Titles stayed fairly to themselves, you could buy just one title and read what you enjoyed most, and from the feedback in numbers DC was selling again.

Then new-DC resumed to old-DC ways.

This past month we started with “Night of the Owls” and it will carry across all Batman related titles to tell a tale of Gotham’s long forgotten secret society.  And now newly announced this will roll into the fall as such, than DC has planned for us, the “Prince of Gotham” another cross title Nightwing story that will bring Dick’s character into his own.

If I want to read Batman or Nightwing or Batwoman, let me read them.  Don’t force me to read JLA, Red Hood and Dark Knight just to understand an issue that has invaded my timeline.

DC just couldn’t resist ruining a good thing.  And they have lost a reader.  Doubtful they will care, nor will they notice one less subscriber.  But how many readers are thinking the same thing?  How many people are realizing it is now business as usual?  And when does DC announce the New 52s was all just Clark Kent’s big dream and we just read a giant 24 month crossover?

I give up DC, you have conned me for the last time.  I am joining Comics Anonymous tomorrow.

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5 responses to “D.C. Hates its Fans aka The Fall of DC

  • chaos

    I kinda get the “night of owls” storyline and why it would cross over to all of the Batman titles. (Besides Batwing, cuz he sucks and is not in Gotham) But I’m completely burnt out on cross overs period. Marvel, DC are the worst offenders. they spend six months focusing on the crossover and the next six setting up the next crossover, at the expense of individual character growth. Now it’s getting to the point where crossovers are starting to overlap. Fallout from the blackest night is still going on in Green Lantern: The new Guardians for etc…, and this is after Flashpoint and whatever the next crossover is going to be. Marvel is now re-hashing civil war with Avengers vs X-men paint. At least IDW is thinking outside the box and using the world of Lovecraft to bind all of their titles.

  • Obi Wan Canubi

    you hit the nail on the head. my issue is not that I dont like the Owls story, or see some justification… but the fact that it is one after another. For the record, “Prince of Gotham” crossover starts right after the Owls storyline.

    As always, thank you for reading.

  • Obi Wan Canubi

    something about Nightwing coming into his own and gaining confidence to be independent of Batman. Makes no sense… something they could have done when he became Nightwing 15 years ago…. not now.

    • chaos

      Whaaaa? He is just about worthless as Batwing. What? The tard still doesn’t think he is good enough still? AFTER he wore the Batman cape? stupid.

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