How to Bust Your Brackets 101

For three years I have been boasting my great brackets.  In my old age I am coming to the realization that I am not a Svengali, I am a pariah.  Sorry to Missouri, their fans, and the people who may have bet on them… I have chosen them to win the NCAA Final Four later this month.

My Elite Eights

Duke, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio St, Mich St, Missouri, SDSU, UNC

My Final Four

Missouri, UNC, Ohio St, Kentucky


Missouri v Ohio St

Again, sorry Mizzou fans and players.  Judging by history my picks guarantee you are out by round 2 unfortunately.

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2 responses to “How to Bust Your Brackets 101

  • T Dot

    Hey Obi

    Been a while since I posted… but, Your picks are not all that bad. Mizz has won what 31 games? And beat some solid opponents.

    I see UK and UNC making a fairly early exit. SU will also not win, they have been ranked #1 before and never progress well.

    Watch out for Baylor or MSU

    • Obi Wan Canubi

      T Dot?

      To be frank I don’t remember you ever posting before, unless it is someone I know just using a silly nickname. Regardless….

      Good analysis, but I don’t think my failure is based on bad picks, their failure is based on my picks.

      It seems I always chose the teams that make an early exit. Usually Round 2 is where my brackets completely collapse.

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