CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: 7000 Wii Systems Stolen and a Chance for Thieves to Make it Right

Many a news readers chuckled this morning while reading the news that thieves were able to pull up to an air cargo in the Seattle area and use the warehouses own forklifts and equipment to load up the two tractor trailers with $2 million dollars worth of gaming systems and drive off into the night.

Sgt. Cindy West, is quoted as:

” I’ve been a cop for 28 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this. This has come straight out of the movies.”

But I am not writing this to describe the crime, if you haven’t heard or want to learn more try [HERE] or [HERE] both give you the facts and vehicle descriptions if you plan to play Sherlock Holmes and solve the case and bring the toys back to Nintendo.

But if you are the criminals or know how to reach the criminals consider this plea.  Be Santa.

This past week the news has been hard on adults, but also extra hard on the trust in children who had their innocence and sense of childhood immortality shattered by the actions of a man just out of his childhood.

Here is my plea:

Play Robin Hood, you have already stolen from the rich (Nintendo), now give to the poor.

Frankly, once you begin to sell 7,000 Wii U Systems on eBay or out of a truck the authorities will track the lot numbers off the box you will be tracked down and done in with nothing to show for your crimes but a prison jumpsuit and a cellmate who is in for a violent crime. Not the best outcome to a dream of fortune.

Make dreams come true. Wrap the Wii Systems and distribute them to people across the country to systematically start handing them out to children on Christmas Day in the less well to do neighborhoods where thoughts of getting are outweighed by the financial ability of giving.  Give them to the children of deployed service men and women.  Give children back that glow and hopefulness.

No jury of your peers will ever convict you for the crime if brought in front of a court for crimes of giving.

Merry Christmas.  God Bless and do the right thing.

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