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BEST of 2010: Athlete


Rondo is not the greatest Boston Celtic to grace the parquet, but he is and will go down in history as the most exciting ever.

In any given season there is half a dozen Celtics I would rather see take a shot with the ball, but it is what Rondo does aside from scoring that separates Rondo from the rest of the league.

If you have a ball Rondo will find a way to take it from you.  If you are a teammate he will find a way to get it to you and if you are an opponent he will make you respect him no matter how big you are.

Squeezed into 6 feet is the most explosive player to ever wear green.

BEST of 2010: Sports team


Did you consider for half a second that this would be anything but?  Even though the series turned out less then desirable for me, those were the best 7 games I have seen in a long time.  The intensity was top notch and the pit of my stomach has never hurt so bad over a sporting event.

Rondo stepped up his game in the playoffs, Baby gained confidence in his, Perkins showed us what he was worth without playing in Game 7  and the world learned there was more to Boston then a Big 3.

June 2011 will be a different story and I truly hope we face the Lakers to take back what we lost this past summer.


The 11 AMAZING Events of the 2010-11 Season That I Guarantee* Will Blow Your Mind

*By reading this you understand that I guarantee nothing because I am neither a psychic nor a svengali that can influence any change of the NBA season. Frankly if I get any of these right I will be exceptionally proud of myself, not only that I will be a better predictor of hoops then that so called network ESPNonourcredibility… say it allowed enough times and you will get it. See, wasn’t really that funny now was it, but I got you to waste 3 minutes that you will never-ever get back. Now you didn’t come here to read this blabber, you came here to read a list, so here is your list, enjoy.

1. Allen Iverson will be MVP… After heading east and signing with the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons of China and teaming up with Starbury and Rashad McCants to create a Big 3 of the CBA and starting the dynasty that will take them to a record 7 straight CBA titles.

2. Mikhail Prokhorov’s connection to organized crime will become apparent when he begins to force those in debt to him to “work” off their services within the Nets organization and Vlade Divac comes back for on last hurrah as center for NJ down the stretch. On a positive note they will draw so many fouls they will hit a winning streak that leads them into the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference

3. Ron Artest has his title, this season he will bring the noise to the Staples Center and he bigins to personally supply Hennessy to the fans at half-time.

4. Delonte West will be the most chanted name in the NBA this season and he won’t even be on a roster. ESPN will drop court-audio to all broadcast Heat games due to what they call “distracting vuvuzelas” and hire THX to mix in background sound. It will be discovered when someone accidentally hits the “Tie-Fighter Fly By” button. (I may actually get this one right.)

5. The countdown to the Summer of Carmelo will never come to fruition because of Utah’s trade deadline day deal will make them the most ridiculously powerful team in the West resulting in Jerry Buss yelling, “no fair.”

6. Joakim Noah and Chris Bosh will finish 1st and 2nd in the new reality contest search for the most handsome NBA bigman. Following the event judge Stevie Wonder will admit that his first choice was Gheorghe Muresan but he was ineligible due to his non-roster status.

7. Sam Cassell will host the event.

8. The Nets will trade for Tony Parker, not for playing talent but for Jay-Z’s record label after his newest album debuts at #1 on the Billboard charts. Shawn Carter will be quoted as saying, “You gotta keep your competition on the payroll.” Unfortunately for the Spurs they get Kanye in the deal.

9. Following a critical failed free throw attempt, teammate Chauncey Billups will tell shooter Sheldon Williams that they would have been better off letting Williams wife take the shot. Williams will have no retort because Billups is right.

10. Tracy McGrady will be so desperate to sign he will partner with Woot!.com to find an employer. Of course they will list his services on Sellout.Woot! and he will just never get the call, even with free shipping.

11. Big Baby Glen Davis wins “So You Think You Can Dance?” and through a suggestion from judge Paula Abdul begins a new endeavour with the Boston Celtics to revamp the dance squad moves. Jim Rome gets mouthy and jealous and challenges Baby to a dance-off.

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Can Rivalries Exist Without Hate?

At the risk of being laughed at, run from Celtics 24/7 and branded a trader after only one day I will put myself out there. I like the Lakers, I genuinely do. I would not root for the Lake Crew over the Celtics, never in a million years. But if the Lakers are playing the Heat in the regular season or even the Orlando Magic in the Finals I will root for the Purple and Gold. Does that make me any less of a Celtics fan? Some people will say yes. I need to ask why.

Competition, rivalry, trash talking, its all fun. But there is no reason people need to take it that extra step. I have seen tires slashed over a bumper sticker. Seriously? $500.00 damage to a stranger over a sticker.

There are rivalries all across sports, but speaking from experience, in Boston you are expected to hate the rivals. Why is that? It obviously happens across the world, if you have ever seen a Manchester United match against Chelsea FC you know exactly what I mean. And how about wearing a powder blue jersey and walking across the Duke quad. Bet you go home naked. And if you have ever been to a Red Sox game you know that a “Yankees Suck!” chat does not necessarily mean they are playing against New York.

All of this really seems very Romeo & Juliet to me, we hate because our families/fans tell us history says we should hate. The Detroit Red Wings playing the Colorado Avalanche is still a brutal game and it all stems from a cheap shot 10 years ago that only one player initiated. How is Claude Lemieux responsible for a hatred between two cities that still exists and he is long retired?

Back to Celtics v Lakers, it was my initial topic.

Rivalries are important, the Celtics in LA and LA in Boston is the first game I look for when the NBA schedule comes out, I want to see Boston play LA. I want to see Boston beat LA. In a bad season just beating LA makes life good for one day and makes you feel like you won the Finals. Beating LA means you beat the best, I assume this holds true for the Lakers and the fans of LA. But why must I hate them. Why must I root for the New Orleans Hornets or the Oklahoma Thunder two teams I do not care one hoot about to beat a team with meaning to me? It frankly makes little sense.

Is Kobe a good player? Yes, absolutely.

If you ask 10 people in Boston how they feel about him you will probably get 10 unique profanities to describe Kobe. If Kobe played for the Hornets, the original team the drafted him, then people would see him just as they see Kevin Durant or Chris Paul and Bostonians would be ambivalent to others fandom. You want to raise and call Kobe’s character into question and say it is all about his alleged crime, I have the perfect re-raise.

Pau Gasol.

He is one of the best rebounders in the league, a threat to put the ball back in your face twice and put up another 20 on the score board. Yet he is the second most hated guy if you ask a Boston basketball fan, behind of course Kobe. Now raise your hand if you hated Pau in Memphis and you get a gold star. No hands? I keep all my stars.

Rivalry is healthy, but when did it dictate blanket dislike. It’s a game. It’s a great game, but in the end it is still just a game. I don’t want to see Kobe and Pierce giving bro-hugs on the court and I would take Rondo over my knee and spank his fanny if I saw him shooting pool with Pau at Felt following a loss, but what makes me need to hate them for the simple fact that they play in LA. For the record they can bro-hug and play pool from July to October, it is all business in season.

I know, I know the repetitive question is starting to get old but I don’t understand so I will keep asking.

In elementary school or junior high I forget which, I owned a bad ass pair of Converse sneaks that were white with purple and gold trim, yep the Magics. I also had a satin Magic Johnson jacket to match from Manny’s Baseball Land an old mail order sports apparel place. I loved Magic Johnson, still do, greatest basket ball player I have ever seen play. Rondo is coming close. But I was ridiculed for my shoes and jacket and told there was no way I could be a Celtics fan if I liked Magic. How many people love Jordan and wear his shoes everyday. I do, and never once have I been criticized for my Jordans, ever. Why were my Magics so blasphemous? Because he played in LA. Had Jordan played in LA could I wear my kicks in Boston? I doubt it.

I would blame my father but my father did not like basketball. Maybe I should, maybe that is why I have no hate for the Lakers. I liked the Yankees growing up, probably out of defiance to my father who is a Sox fan. Today I could careless about baseball, that is unless I go to Fenway. Just seeing their face when you wear a Yankee hat is worth the aggravation of the posturing and people refusing to give you the common decency of holding a door when your hands are full. Got to love the argument of family dynamics as an excuse, not buying it though.

Think about it. Why do you hate the Lakers? It’s not the City of LA because the Angels and Dodgers are not hated. In that case we didn’t dislike the Montreal Expos to equal the Bruins-Habs rivalry. Give me a reason to hate a sports team. In fact, I pose you a challenge, give me a good reason I need to hate a rival. I don’t mean beat them, you want your team to beat everyone that is just a given, it’s called commitment. But why is there a need for me to dislike a team to the point that every team in the league is more favorable just because over the years this said team has been my teams’ best competition. Give me a solid reason and I will concede, I will find those Magic shoes if they still lurk in a closet and burn them, I will burn my Lakers tshirt, and will mail you the ashes. But if you have any sense of decency you will make a comment and support this post by admitting somewhere deep down inside you could not live without the rivalry.

Rivalry is good. But rivalry does not need to mean hate. Think about it. If this was 1980 and Saturday Flint, Duke and Scarlett would come out and give you a PSA, I won’t play on your childhood like that, it would be unfair.

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