Cafe Terrace and the Doctor

It has been quite a while since I have written anything, sometimes your creative side needs a bit of a break.  What better way to reemerge then with some timey-wimey stuff.

Anyone that watches Doctor Who knows the episode of Vincent and the Doctor as something special.  Not necessary as an episode that was any better than the others, but rather as the episode that they didn’t expect to be teary eyed and vulnerable in the wanning moments.

Here are a few photoshops I was playing around with this morning while waiting to indulge in some corned beef and cabbage.


The Tardis in the Cafe square.


The Angel sits in wait.  Don’t blink. Run.


The Silence observe in the Cafe. Unsuspecting to the people of the square, but Vincent’s altered perception might allow him to capture their form on canvas. (There are four, can you find them all? Better yet can you remember.)

One more week and the season resumes. Frankly I am excited for Jenna Louise Coleman’s character, I think she will quickly become a classic with her witty nature giving the Doctor a real intellectual rival and will leave Pond fans saying “Amy Who?” This should be a Doctor-Companion duo that could match the chemistry of the 10th and Rose.

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