Best in 2011: COMICS

There are not really categories I can separate the comics I read into, I pretty much read one type, superhero, ok Star Wars too, but that is sort of superhero-ish.  I am not into manga, gore or bizarre.  So I will put this into three categories of my creation.

Batman Universe: Batman
Batman Universe, Non-Batman: Nightwing
Non-Batman Comic: Ultimate Spider-Man
Mini-Series: The Huntress

Lots of people were up in arms about the DC realignment, I love it.  The Batman Universe was essentially left unchanged but organized and refurbished, ultimately making the Batman Universe more fan friendly and welcoming to a whole new brand of fans generated from the Nolan re-launch.  Outside of the Gotham World DC is not looking so good in my opinion.

In the Batman Universe all the Batman central titles came out good, but I chose to go with the “Court of Owls” storyline told in the Batman Comics run.  The mystery and history will make for a classic graphic novel one day, as for the others, all good, but this stands out as the most original, even if it seems to be stolen right out of DiVinci Code or National Treasure.

Nightwing is a great title also, and best if you don’t want the massive web that is required following 4 major Bat-titles and all the minors required to not be lost.

The Huntress also scored high in her mini run, sounds like I am showing favoritism to Gotham, I am not they are really just that good.

The new Spider-Man is solid, not sure if I will continue to subscribe to a Peter Parker-less title, but he did do a good job re-inventing a legendary character.

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