Best in 2011: GAMES

Here is one of my favorite past times, it is also something I have neglected far to much of in my little bit of free time.  Even with minimal contact I have no doubt I am right.  Why?  Because I am always right!

Console Gaming – Portal 2
Handheld/Phone Gaming – Cut the Rope
Xbox Arcade – Plants vs. Zombies
Web-based Strategy – Enjoy Sudoku

I combined handheld and smart phone gaming because the technology has made in-phone gaming as nearly competitive as a DS or PSP.  Now clearly the gaming is better on the portables, but it has become so advanced on the phones that what you are giving up is while slightly less deep and polished, but far more convenient since it is always with you.

Console Gaming – Portal 2

Compare this incarnation to the first Portal game and you are comparing Star Wars New Hope to Return of the Jedi.  Head-to-Head there is no comparison, the original Portal was well… original while the second seems to just build on that.

While the first game kept you guessing and was minimal in scale compared to the predecessor it had this addictive feeling to it, you just had to see what was in the next chamber.  The sequel did not have that, it was all done before in their first game.  There is little surprise when the world is not as it seems and the homicidal AI is trying to kill you, but it still works, it just does not blow you away.  While it sounds like I am bashing the game, I am not.  I think they did the right thing.  Had the folks over at Valve tried to make P2 different I would be livid.

The main game is long, massive in scale to the first Portal world and that includes the chambers.  In the first game for the most part it was small, these chambers over whelm you with size rather than strategy.  While some can be tough, the methodology of how to solve them should be rather familiar to tasks performed in the first game.  The sequel is also very dingy, the World of Aperture is crumbling.  Gone is the sterile white walls and machinery, what you have left is mold, dirt and broken machinery.  What Portal 2 does offer is a deeper look into the theology of Aperture and what it was designed for, that part I will not ruin.  Also the multi-player, the originality of the game was saved for the two clumsy robots operated by “you” and a “friend/gamer” trying to get on the same page and complete chambers through teamwork.

If you played the original Portal you will find yourself a bit cynical and saying “I have done this before.”  But the game is truly fun and addicting, especially the multi-player aspect.

If you have never played the original this game will be epic, eclipsing and completely ruining any entertainment if you decide to follow it up with the original because it is so well done.  Think trying to enjoy a Hersey bar after you eat a Lindt Truffle.

9/10 or 4-3/4 stars

XBox arcade – Plants vs. Zombies

I could not put this stupid side scrolling game down.  Essentially you plant greenery to battle oncoming zombies.  There is also a smaller less involved game for the Droid, and probably iPhone that is equally as good for on-the-run gaming.

Hand-Held/Phone Gaming – Cut the Rope

Ever use heroin?  Try this game and you will know what addiction is.   You basically have a candy that you want to feed to an alien/what-ever-he-is creature using gravity, bubbles, blowers and ropes.   Fairly simple, but it makes you wish you paid more attention during geometry class.

Then the game goes and gives you stars for efficiency… that is the frustrating part, trying to get max points.

Web-based Strategy – Enjoy Sudoku

There is a version on Google Chrome and for the Droid, without question the best interactive version of the mind-twisting puzzle.  Big fan, play a game daily.

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2 responses to “Best in 2011: GAMES

  • Chaos

    Strongly disagree about console game of the year. Skyrim is the one game to rule them all. Arkham city is right behind it.

    • Obi Wan Canubi

      I hear Arkham is good, just havent got around to buying it. still have a few games in the queue. Since we had the baby my game time significantly decreased. But Skyrim is not a type of game that would interest me, I love RPG but the E.S. and Final Fantasy games and the fantasy world just don’t interest me. I take robots, aliens and ghosts over wizards, witches and spells. Big time Mass Effect fan.

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