Gotham Chronicles Issue #0

So here it is, the Gotham Round-Up for the relaunch and beyond.  Each cycle it is my intention to do a comprehensive overview of the Bat-sociates across the City of the Darkness.  While it stands right now that the continuity will not directly interlace and each book is a stand alone for now, but the events that hold true in one will hold true across the DCU. So any character directly connected to the City of Gotham will be reviewed each month.

Each week I will review each story and touch on art, story, layout and character progression; while ranking the books in order my personal preferance month-to-month. I will try to avoid all spoilers for the current issue at hand, but beware prior issue events will be discussed as needed in the current review as relevant to the discussion.

Much of the Number Ones were used to set up the story and set our timelines for the months to come, so for the most part the books did little to push a storyline, rather they introduced characters for a hopefully broadening and returning audience. Basically a weak story is forgiven and almost expected the first issue and maybe two, so be patient avid readers, DC is at this point catering to new readers to build a reader base that will sustain your favorite comics.

Most of you have heard of the New 52’s at this point so for you this is late, but the idea is new so I apologize.  But being so close to the beginning of the series I would rather take a step back and include it from the conception rather than the #2’s and #3’s…. But fret not, the #1s are tomorrow and the #2 begin right after.

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