Here Lies Superman

It seems a bit unfair to only give it a few issues to pan out, but the relationship is over.

  • I can take the story change/reset.
  • I can handle the costume change.
  • I can take Superman and Lois not being an item.

But these changes in Superman’s personality do not bode well with me.  Superman is an icon of purity, he is a full-grown boy scout.  He helps old ladies cross the street, he rescues cats from the tree.  In the years since 1932 Superman has never been case as a jerk, sure he is a jerk to criminals, but he is a jerk all the same.
As I said, I have given this 3-issues; Superman #1 and Action Comics #1 and #2.  The 52’s in general have been good, and to be honest, the Superman story is not poorly written, just a poor image of the Man of Steel.  I had originally said Superman was a rehashed image of Batman, I take that back, Batman fights what Gotham’s Finest can not handle.  Superman has spent the majority of his time apprehending the common criminal and threatening them with extreme punishment.  No wonder that Metropolis hates him, hoodlums are a job for the Metropolis PD.  Right now he is acting like a man in a cape running around finishing children’s puzzles while trash talking to the 4-year old trying to work it out alone.
Now let’s not make this about “real life,” comics should be about imagination, but hanging a mobster hundreds of feet up and being threatened with a one way trip to the concrete was wishfully a young maturing mistake, in the more mature version of Kal-El in the Superman Comics he threatens car-jackers with being tossed into the water to drown, then reconsiders and threatens to launch them into space.  So now Superman is judge, jury and executioner?  Or maybe just threatens people with death to make them fess up.   If a cop does this we want them removed from their patrol and they sue the city.  Besides opening any criminal case up to a confession under duress, Superman is acting above the Morals of Society.
Had this been the storylines to Resurrection Man or one of the other new or re-imagined lesser lines I would have no issue with morality.  But Superman was invented around morality and what is right and wrong.  Superman is not supposed to be a vigilante.
Until August 2011 you could have given most young children a Superman Comic and been proud that they may mold their character building to such a virtuous hero.  I could not imagine my son reading about a “hero” bullying those weaker than him and seeing it as a positive influence.
Lex Luthor the greatest criminal mind of our time has tried for nearly 70-years to beat the Son of Krypton.  3-Issues, that is all it took for an editor to destroy Superman.

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