Hookers for Jesus

I know what you are thinking. You are saying to yourself, “I know what it sounds like, but it must be some crazy fishermens’ club with a catchy title.” You may think that, but you would be wrong, the title is what it sounds like… sort of.

Feel what you may about religion, but you can not question Annie Lobért intentions in Las Vegas. A former call girl herself she helps take prostitutes off the street and find new lives beginning with shelter at a local church. If you check out her website www.hookersforjesus.net you will find some pretty disturbing, but not really unexpected statistics about the lives of prostitutes, and if you are in the Vegas area and feeling really moved you can click on the volunteer button and lend a hand.

I will be honest, I know nothing about her religious beliefs, I have read her website and can see that she is Christian, possibly non-denominational… but don’t quote me on that. Her work with the Girls of the Vegas Strip speaks for itself and based on that alone she is a good person in my opinion, and I hope you at least give her website a click.

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