Who is the Shogun of Harlem? Sho.. You’ve Got to be Kidding

Rumor has it, and it has been reported on numerous sites that Barry Gordy’s Last Dragon is the latest movie to be earmarked for a crappy Hollywood remake.

Only one role has been cast, better yet only one role has been leaked to the movie sites. The cool cat who has blessed us with roles such as a hitman with a change of heart, Mr. Glass, and the first Jedi in the galaxy to ever wield a purple lightsber on screen, Samuel L. Jackson will reprise Sho’nuff… ya you heard it right.

Jackson is one of Hollywood’s most charismatic actors, but I don’t think the late Julius Carry could coach Sammy through an acceptable performance.

Let’s not forget we still have no idea who they plan to cast as “Bruce” LeRoy and his love interest Laura Charles. As they have set the precedent, let’s speculate on who they could cast in these parts, how about Denzel Washington and Beyonce? Is that on par? How about Danny DeVito as Eddie Arkadian? And since Keisha Knight Pullman originally played LeRoy’s youngest sister, how about giving her a cameo as one of Sho’s tough thug crew members?

Dear God,

Please inspire our congress to pass a bill forbiding Hollywood from further rapping our classics by outlawing remakes.

Up next, the Jonas brothers as the Goonies and Hannah Montana in Showgirls.

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