Most Difficult Boss Fights… Ever

You don’t have to agree with me, but you have to accept these choices as fact, you may not admit it allowed, but in the back of your mind you know I am right.  Bar-none, unless you fought a starving grizzly bear with a fingernail clipper, you have not conquered a more difficult challenge in your life than that final obstacle in a pixelated campaign that just keeps you up for 28 hours red-eyed and loaded on Mountain Dew and Spree.

Everyone has a different opinion on boss battles for two main reasons:

  1. Game preference. If you like RPG and I like FPS we will never agree because we may not have played the same games.
  2. AI.  Bosses do not have progressive intelligence, they do not adapt to your style, you adapt to theirs and battle accordingly.  An enemy is coded to fight in a sequential manner with weaknesses, how fast you find and exploit these triggers greatly translates to ease.  One you have the timing the enemy stands no chance, typically easier enemies have greater margin for user error.

Through the Fire and the Flames – Guitar Hero III – This song is hard on easy settings, DragonForce guitarist Herman Lee thought it was fun to finger tap through his solos, unfortunately he did not consider the difficulty it would translate to the lay person if Activision chose this song for a Guitar Hero title.  Musicians need to stop being so selfish and consider the consequences of their actions.

KoTOR- Darth Malak – Just when you think the battle is fairly easy and you have Malak down in power he cracks open a bacta tank with a jedi captor and drains their life force to replenish his.  The battle is not so difficult in segments, it is the consistency you must sustain to survive.  Force Unleashed – PROXY is essentially the same fight and just as difficult.

Force Unleashed 2 – Raxus Prime: Kazdan Paratus & the Junk Monster – Because I had mastered the first FU game I started FU2 on the HARD/Sith setting.  This may fall into that category of just learning your enemy.  After my first play through I never again had difficulty and I have completed the play through twice more since my trials of pain and frustration.  Learning his tempo and Achillies’ Heel is a bit tiresome, but at two full days of swearing and frightening cats this will always cause anxiety in my memories.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – Purple Dragon – This is 1982, I never had an Atari, my parents bought me the Intellivision, a very underrated system with far superior graphics to the Atari.  I was 7 years old and this game gave my PTSD to this day.  The dragons were insanely fast, especially for the time period, kids did not grow up on games so their video game reaction speed was not instinctual yet.  The dragon would breathe as you got near, warning you but also causing you to shake not wanting to progress your map.  Watch for 6:30 the mark if you just want to see the dragon.

Punch Out – Mike Tyson – Still never beat him.  25 years and counting.

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