Action Comics #1 (2011)

So Superman in jeans, hmmm.  Well you know what I can accept costume change.  Batman has had numerous redesigns, Superman has been more minor tweaks for the most part.  But if you look back you will see several times where they deviated drastically, think the “Death of…” or the electric look.  Very different changes, but easy enough to comeback, even a dramatic entrance, sort of like Jordan coming back with the 23 jersey from halftime.  They can try a new outfit and work the traditional in with little effect on “history.”

I love Superman, I grew up with Superman.  I have watched him change over the years, I watched him die, I saw him wed, I even followed the electric blue and red line with pretty solid interest.

This smells like your roommates dirty Nikes after football in the rain and left in the hallway on a hot August afternoon to really ripen the atmosphere of a 2-bedroom brick building in college.

Imagine the Superman Returns team deciding to take over the comic… yep that is what we have.  No, I take that back, it’s worse.

I think DC sat down to brainstorm Superman and agreed he IS DC.  Batman is big, but Supes they feel needs to be the flagship.  They talked about Batman’s popularity and discussed what makes him successful and said, let’s make that the next Superman. What?!?! Yep.

Superman is an asshole.  There it took only 2 full blogs, but I swore, I tried to hold back and make this one a bit more family friendly but how else do you describe it.  Superman taunts, he terrorizes confessions out of criminals and he actually beats them until they say they did it.  Wow, when did Brainiac pull the whole Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent brain switcheroo?

I don’t know what is going on but this is really reminiscent of the “bad” Superman of Superman III.  I found that entertaining because they set the Golden Boy image and you knew that was an effect of the chemical kryptonite Gus gave him at the Key ceremony for Smallville.  This, this is the honest to goodness Jerk Superman in denim.

There is not much I can say about the book, you really need to read it for yourself.  I subscribed to this one back in the summer when I heard about the relaunch, this will likely be my first subscribe.  I am going to give the book a few issues to iron out, but I don’t see this relationship going much past 2nd base.

I see a Pa Kent conversation coming soon very much like you would expect, but Ma and Pa would have never raised Clack to be an arrogant jerk.  Bad move DC.

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10 responses to “Action Comics #1 (2011)

  • adrianroberts1986

    I understand your reasonings here but are the comparisons to Batman really necessary just because Superman is more anti-authoritarian at this point in time? Also I don’t agree that Superman is an asshole, to criminals yes, but I bet those he saves would disagree with you.

    • Obi Wan Canubi

      Thanks for reading Adrian.

      The anti-authoritarian was not really the issue. Though it was rather out of character… but DC is trying something new so I can understand they are trying the rebel routine.

      Here is why I compare Superman to Batman.
      1. they are DCs biggest franchise and arguably all of comics, and while they are different in methods they are still very similar idealistically.
      2. Everything I saw in that interaction screamed Batman, and I say that not as a negative comparison. I love both characters, but they were night and day… now it is more night and dusk. The artist could have drawn Batman in that comic and I don’t think people would have noticed the difference.

      Did you have a chance to read Action Comics yet? Supes first comment to the crooks were, “I am your worst nightmare.” Second, when he first hung the crook upside down over the building to get a confession then dropped him off the edge and only stopped him from crashing to give him a chance to confess.

      I think anyone is confessing after that, but this is not a legal ethics book… it’s a comic book so that is semi irrelevant. What is important, at least to me, is that I have been reading Superman for about 30 years, and within the normal realm of Superman I have never seen him use strong arm tactics. He was always the farmboy that was nice to a fault. While the overgoodness even annoyed me at time, it was also Superman and I accepted that fact.

      I am not condoning the actions as immoral or disturbing, I just don’t find it a way Superman should be portrayed.

      I am open to different styles and interpretations, but everything from the costume to dialogue to the methodology was just handled wrong. I know part of the changes were influenced by the licensing with the Siegel and Shuster estate, but I think DC messed up royally with this reboot of Superman. I am just one opinion, if people liked what they read then we will just have to disagree on this topic. But I do enjoy discussing differences of opinion.


  • adrianroberts1986

    Thanks for the quick reply Obi. I have read Action Comics #1, you can read my review of it here :). I can totally see where you are coming from in regards of Superman being the day to Batman’s night and any change from that of course will raise eyebrows. However all I can really say to your comments is simply that I love this new interpretation of Superman, and I hope that you find something to like in it soon.

    • Obi Wan Canubi

      Let’s put it this way. A bad Superman is better then many comics out there. I may dislike the direction but I plan to keep reading, who knows maybe they are holding an Ace up their sleeve. I am more then happy with the direction of Batman, Nightwing and a bit off track but the new Spider-man so I will always have things that make me happy in the comic world.

      DC is aiming to hit bigger markets, if Superman is selling as well as the numbers suggest and they hold steady then DC is right in their move. I won’t be offended and stop reading, I know the industry is much bigger then the critics. I honestly would prefer Superman to sell wonderful and have me hate the story, then sell poor and like it. Money going in keeps the company afloat, more readers means more titles.

  • adrianroberts1986

    Very true and a very intelligent view! So on a slight change of topic, what are your thoughts on Miles Morales so far?

    • Obi Wan Canubi

      I like Miles and the decisions they made. At first I was preferring that they relaunch with Peter Parker a minority instead of a whole new character, but that was the nostalgia in me. I am not completely buying it that PP is actually dead, I think he will comeback and be the Spidey Duo.

      The Ultimate Comics line has always been about the “re-imagining” of a character, and they really stepped out of the box on this one. Rather then limiting Peter to different love interests and working in fast food the concept of Miles lets writes bring Spidey in any direction they please.

      My only gripe with the issue, and it is not even with the writers is that Mary Jane (I think) commented that the suit was in bad taste and he gets a new suit. The comment has created an alternate meaning to the critics and haters against the comic. I am sure they would have found other things to attach to, but people are using it out of context.

  • adrianroberts1986

    I liked the change too, and think that it gives a much better opportunity to do something original and new. I haven’t actualy read issue #2 yet so haven’t seen MJ’s comment regarding the suit. What exactly are the critics saying about it?

    • Obi Wan Canubi

      Keep in mind I could be wrong on who said it, someone does. Basically they speak to Miles in the Red traditional suit and say dressing in the suit it’s bad taste” the comic ends with him unmasking and dwelling on the comment. some people are voicing it as him being spiderman is bad taste and the author is using it as a pulpit blah blah blah.

      They obviously dont realize the author is not sabotaging this, nest issue he will come out with a new black with red highlight suit. it is pretty awesome if you ask me.

  • adrianroberts1986

    Ah I see, well that’s just a bit pathetic really. It just demonstrates that the critics will latch onto anything in order to slam the comic.

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