Movie of the Decade: Hero

Long before Quentin Tarantino whored his name onto a film he had no creative connection to Feng Li created a masterpiece of a martial arts film.

Staring some of the top talent in Hong Kong and the legendary Jet Li they are worked together to produce not only the decade’s best film but possibly the greatest epic to date.

Jet Li play a protagonist who conspires with assassins from the Kingdoms of China in hopes to unite them as one nation.

Hero is more than just a kung fu flick.  It is a story of hope and national pride that anyone can learn from, and the martial arts is not so in your face that a casual movie fan will be turned off.

Picking Hero was easy, but a few other movies were good enough that they gave me second thought, namely Batman Begins.  Being a huge comic fan seeing someone finally get Batman right was a dream come true.  If you ask 100 people they may tell you they prefer The Dark Knight, and I can see their argument.  For me watching Bruce Wayne experience and grow into The Batman allows no rivalry.

Honorable mentions: Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Batman Begins, Grand Torino, Elephant, The Departed, Dodgeball

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