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Torture v. Interrogation

There has been debate after debate about waterboarding practices over the past few years.  Most Americans know they arguments of both sides but very few have ever actually seen it on film.  Mike Guy of Playboy magazine volunteered his body for 15 seconds of waterboarding, betting that he could endure the 1/4 minute of exposure.

see for yourself – http://content1.clipmarks.com/content/7E8ADC46-F3DD-4D6F-B184-3A07CF501B7C

Mancow the radiohost and an editor from Vanity Fair (I believe) have also done this in recent years.  None of them lasted any significant amount of time, the guy from VF lasted 10-15 seconds tops, but his administrator was not as aggressive at the dousing.  Google them, they are very easy to find.

Is it torture?  I don’t know, my guess would be how long it takes an administrator to stop before letting the captive reconsider their options.  At one of the interviews the soldier says it is 15 seconds on 15 off and then the person is given the offer to talk.  Rinse and repeat. I find it very aggressive and I know I would not want it done to me, but if these are dangerous people, I can not say it is any worse than the alternative of letting a bomb blow up somewhere.

And it also comes to the point of how far are you going to allow a soldier to go to protect the boarders of our country.  Everyday soldiers do things the normal man could not or would not do to protect this land.  God bless them.

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