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BEST of 2010: Television show drama/60 minute episode

This was tight for 3 ways, I will discuss the runner ups:

The Event- If you asked me after 3 episodes or the show stayed as intense as those 3 episodes I might have gone with the newbie.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike The Event, I just think it has tailed off.

Lost- I love the show, one of my top 3 all-time favorite dramas on tv behind the X-Files and Law & Order, but the finale season really was not that watchable.  The season should have been condensed into a few episodes and stuck on the end of Season 5.  Seasons 2 and 3 really were the high point of the series, unfortunately they sort of tailed off and got a bit deep and forgot about the great story they had going.

That brings me to the best of 2010:


The return of V was everything I hoped, and the new leader Anna is every bit a vicious as Diana wanted to be in the original but was just not able to bring to the screen with her acting skills.  Morena Baccarin plays a cold and absolutely heartless lizard with her sights set on one goal and she will take out anything in her way, including her own daughter.

Seeing a few returning characters/actors to guest spot on the new series will be fun, but not at the expense of the decent acting the new V actually has in its cast.

Even with a rehashed story the writers have found ways to make the series unique and interesting without just making V and shot-for-shot remake to cash in on a captured audience.

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