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Return of the King: Under the Dome


Has he ever really left?  No, not in my opinion, but it has not written an original storyline (i.e. Non-Dark Tower) this great since The Black House.   His work over the last decade has been good, but this is the quality of chills he sent up my spine during his heyday of the 1980’s.  While Under the Dome does not have the obvious monsters of an undead child, a homicidal dog or a killer clown it has a villain much more real and terror-some; our friends, our neighbors, our leaders because we live and rely on these people everyday.

How to explain a story of this magnitude?  Imagine this, you are an ant; you wake up just like everyday and you go about your business then one day someone puts a glass cup over you and your ant colony.  Your world is completely cut off from the outside, you are on your own.  No power coming in, no food coming in, no criminals going out, what do you do.

If you hate to read I feel sorry for you, you are missing a true masterpiece, but you have an option SyFy has already optioned it as a miniseries in the fall and if done it will be another classic.

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