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BEST of 2010: Reality TV

I am not a fan of reality tv, I find the crave for fame to be rather sickening.  Now don’t get me wrong, my morals are as far in the gutter as the next guy, but watching low-self esteemed folks crammed into a home fight and bicker and think their contributions to society is coming up with a gimmick like, “t-shirt time!” that is just not my idea of quality entertainment.

Now a good reality show?  WCG ULTIMATE GAMER

Sure there is still some in home drama, but the show is not based on the drama that is created by morons.  Think of WCG as the geek equivalent to The Ultimate Fighter.  The format is basically the same with two teams and a competition elimination each show to send home one member of the home.

Last season showcased some awesome talent across the board, but also proved gaming is not just a guy thing anymore.  Faye proved there are hot chicks on the other side of XBox Live and Kat proved she is not just “good for a girl” but better than any guy you can put up against her.The only way they could make this a little more “reality” is to get a few pre-pubescent boys around 13 or 14 to play online against the gamers and scream with their little high-pitched foul mouths about how much of a whore each others mothers are into the microphone headsets.

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