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So there were little silver ships seen by thousands flying over New York City this week,causing such a frenzy that the NYPD and the FAA hotlines were tied up with phone calls and youtube is being flooded with cell phone video uploads.

But fear not the Government has it all figured out… yea right.

It was just a bunch of silver balloons that got away from a high school engagement party… yea right.

From the videos on youtube and listening to viewers accounts this was not a bunch of engagement balloons floating across the skyline of the Big Apple.  Was it UFOs?  I can’t say that with certain, but it wasn’t engagement balloons.  Sheep talk.

There is more, the brighter red “UFO” that was also reported with the silver UFOs was none other than Jupiter. Coincidentally the silver balloons that got away danced in and around Jupiter causing the illusion that the Red Planet was also moving. Really are people buying this?  Is the Government even trying when they make up these stories/explanations anymore or are they just waving their Men in Black light stick.

Do I hope it was UFOs or do I want to see UFOs?  Oh absolutely.  The belief that there is life on other planets is as sure to me as my belief in God.  Why would a higher power only create life in one rock in this giant universe.  That is such a shallow self-serving view to have in one’s head.

Was this a balloon over NYC?  No way.  How many time a day are balloons lost in NYC?  Dozens every day I am sure, these were not simple balloons as they have shown.  Drink more Kool-Aid if you buy that line of bull-arky.  Balloons do not hover in one area for 45 minutes and then disappear, balloons as our friend the Balloon-Boy of 2009 has shown us will carry where ever the wind takes it, this stayed over a neighborhood for nearly an hour.  That is some wind patterns they must have in NY to accomplish that feat.
Just admit to Agent O, the E.T.s popped in to catch a Yankee game in person, the House that Jeter built is something not only Our Worldly Baseball Fans want to see, little green Martians like baseball as much as Americans. Wait, if they traveled that far to watch something as boring as baseball how bad is extraterrestrial sports programming?  They could have at least waited til Sunday and caught the Giants and Detroit, but I guess that game is not really that much better I suppose.


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