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….And NEW Champion!!!!

Joey Chestnut is an American hero, he continues to dominate the hot dog world on the 4th of July all beginning with the unseating of America’s other famed masticator, Japanese import,  Takeru Kobayashi.

After a spat with contracting Kobayashi left the Nathan’s annual feast and  exclusively chows with the folks of Major League Eating.  Now it is a shame that Koba is no longer a figure at the crown jewel of eating events, but his recent feat almost makes it worth the loss.

337 chicken wings.

That is 325 more than I could do and I have 50 pounds on Kobayashi.  And all for $20k in prize money.  No poop is worth that small paycheck.  Hope the sponsorship dollars were plentiful.

As L.L. would say, “Don’t call it a comeback.”

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