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Death Star spotted orbiting Mercury

I think they are wrong, it is the Death Star [Video Below]



Is a giant, cloaked spaceship orbiting around Mercury?

That’s been the speculation from some corners aftera camera onboard NASA’s STEREO spacecraft caught a wave of electronically charged material shooting out from the sun and hitting Mercury.

Theorists have seized on the images captured from the “coronal mass ejection” (CME) last week as suggestive of alien life hanging out in our own cosmic backyard. Specifically, the solar flare washing over Mercury appears to hit another object of comparable size. “It’s cylindrical on either side and has a shape in the middle. It definitely looks like a ship to me, and very obviously, it’s cloaked,” YouTube-user siniXster said in his video commentary on the footage, which has generated hundreds of thousands of views this week. Now, how this user was able to determine that the object was “obviously” a cloaked spaceship with no other natural explanation remains as much a mystery as the object itself.

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Death Star For Sale!

As fans already learned, the Death Star isn’t only huge, it’s apparently easily destroyed. Kinda makes you wonder how much it would cost to construct a Death Star of your very own. Luckily, someone else figured it out. Ryszard Gold considered the Death Star’s size, the price to launch it into space, and all the air you need to fill it so you and your own Tarkin BFF can run up and down the passageways.

Add it all up, and we have a figure of exactly:
$15,602,022,489,829,821,422,840,226 and 94 cents.
Tell you what, I’ll pitch in the 94 cents.

That is a lot of money. Wait, no that’s a disgustingly large sum of money. How much exactly? $15 Septillion, I told you. But how can we conceive of that number? Well, the figures I could find for the World Economic Value were pretty general, around $14 Trillion USD. In other words, the DS would cost 1.11 TRILLION times the amount of money available in the world, that’s not even including the fact that the majority of that is digital and not physical.

Reference: http://www.starwars.com

How Much Energy Does the Death Star Take?


Ever wonder how much energy it takes to run the laser on the Death Star? Now you don’t have to wonder thanks to the eggheads at Science Blog.

For the earth, it works out to around 2.2 x 1032 joules. That’s a preposterously huge amount of energy! It’s a solid week of the sun’s entire power output. Dumping it in about a single second, as required to blow up Alderaan, is a very, very impressive feat. Doubly so when you take into account the fact that the binding energy is just enough to dissociate the planet into a diffuse cloud. If you want to actually blow the thing up into pieces flying out at many times escape velocity, you need much more energy.

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The Physics of the Death Star (via Science Blog)

Dōmo arigatō Lord Vader

Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya unveiled these awesome Lightsaber chopsticks at Celebration Japan a 30th anniversery honoring of Star Wars in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Kotobukiya is well known for their Star Wars replica statues, now has Geek-Nation abuzz with how they will eat their Asian Cuisine when these awesome delights make their way to the States.

I can just see the pandemonium I alone will create in my household while devouring sushi with my trusty lightsaber ready to stab an unsuspecting dinner guesyaist.

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