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The Gotham Chronicles 2.49 (Thoughts on Damian Wayne)

Before we get to the only 2 Batman serials of the week I thought I would just drop my 2 cents on Damian.  First, Dick Grayson growing up and out growing Robin worked, Nightwing is a great character and one of my Top 5 (Maybe even Top 3) characters of all-time.  His attitude works, costume is cool, Nightwing works.

Enter Tim Drake, hands down he is the best little red.  Also Drake was the first Robin I actually really liked.  Tim Drake loved being Robin, he had sass and wit; I though he just worked perfectly as the sidekick for Batman.  Red Robin does not work, maturing him and giving him individuality is just making him a red version of Nightwing.  Tim works as Robin, he loses something as Red Robin.

Onto the son, I really like the character of Damian Wayne.  Aside from Bruce Wayne, Gotham does not have any other character so deep with damage and baggage that is not killing people for a hobby.  Though from time-to-time you question if Damian does kill for hobby.  As Robin, Damian is too much like Batman in personality sense, Robin gave Batman humor and humanity.  Damian just makes the room darker and makes you wonder if Batman can keep the leash on him short enough before they both implode.  It’s like putting peanut butter cups in your peanut butter flavored ice cream, there is a point of overkill.

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The Gotham Chronicles Update v1.0

Detective #1
While in the whole of it all I consider Detective Comics the greatest comic book conceptualized to date, past and current, this particular issue also set forth to reach a benchmark quality by which comics are judged perfect in my opinion. As a writer and artist for the debut Tony Daniel was able to not only write a great story, but also visualize for us the image he envisioned for his dialogue and storyboard.

While I did not find the art exceptional, I found the story and the ability for the author to relay his mind’s eye more than overcompensated for a slight lack in artistry. I would take a strong story with marginal art any day over the inverse of great art and poor writing. This is not to say the art is poor, it is a mid-to-high 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Daniel has a great artistry for background, structure and tones, but I found his faces, particularly the mouths rather flat.

Enough with the creative talk and onto the meat of the issue.

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