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Walking Dead in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4!!!

The anticipation is killing me… oops, please Daryl don’t shoot me.  Seriously since last spring’s finale and the pan shot of the prison I have been dying for October to arrive and the zombie heads to roll.  Though I question what or how much zombie interaction we will have this year once they are inside the prison.  Much like the farm the prison will be fairly secure after it is cleaned out, but I am sure they will have a few blips to stay with the title of the show and a killer finale.

Since watching season one I have questioned why they haven’t traveled out to a near shore island to have a more secure living and sleeping location away from the roamers.  They haven’t gotten into the deads ability to tread water, but I don’t think they are too graceful and may sink like rocks.

The beauty of the Walking Dead is that with the exception of children the show has pretty much something for everyone.  And it delivers on all ends across all demographics.  The girls are happy, a large percentage of the geeks are happy (the ones that are not complaining about everything just to hear themselves talk) and the horror fans eat it up.  What more can you ask for?  A Saturday Morning cartoon for the kids of course, no really.

This season is all but written and probably filmed for the most part, and Robert Kirkman and company are probably plotting out season 4 as I write this if it has not been done already.  But if  Capt. Kirkman wants to listen and maybe re-shoot some scenes here is what I hope for.

(No comic spoilers included.  I read, but I enjoy that the t.v. series has developed a similar but different timeline.)

Wish #1

Merle Dixon Alive and Breathing – If you have seen any of the cast photos for season 3 you know we plan to see Merle in some capacity this year.  Last season he only made a brief appearance in a dream of Daryl’s voicing his brother’s betrayal.  Hopefully this is not a tease again and Merle is back in full form attitude and all to give us a villain we love to hate.  Even if society needs to hold together to keep humanity alive we need a bad guy with a voice, hating on zombies alone will make the show go stale.  With the loss of Shane and no one to push Rick’s buttons we need Merle more than ever this year (until we meet you-know-who for the non-readers).  Hopefully, Merle is not found alone as a survivor and welcomed back to the Grimes and Co.  We, or at least I, can only hope he has formed his own group and it will be the Hatfield and the McCoys with Daryl in the middle trying to decide an allegiance.  Nature or Nuture.

The beauty of the Dixon brothers is that they are not bound by the comic’s lore.  Even with the t.v. series independence of the comic there still seems to be a similar format of life and death at some point and major climaxes are duplicated.  Their absence gives writers a clean canvas to create their masterpiece.

Wish #2

Carl Stays in the Damn House(Prison) – Rick and Lori Grimes have to be Post-Apocalyptic America’s worst damn parents.  You go to a carnival, your 10-year-old son is by your side.  You go to the park and there are creepy strangers sitting on the park bench, you watch your child a little closer and the pervert more so than usual.  You let you kid play in the back yard, you check on him every so often.  Zombies roam the Earth, kid has the free reign to play in the woods unsupervised.  Seriously Lori, now that Shane is dead how about we keep an eye on Carl.  I blame Lori because Rick is usually off killing something.

Wish #3

Please Tease the Government More – What is better in cinema than a major catastrophic event being the inept ability of a government pencil pusher to do their job, yet come out unscathed and trying to raise their stock only to be stomped back down.  Some where, some one let this epidemic out, making it the work of an alphabet soup department for some sinister use always gives us the feeling of that long reaching arm you can’t escape no matter how fast you run.  With the helicopter in season 1 flying through Downtown Atlanta  and the research in the CDC building you can only speculate that some cockroaches escaped the infestation.   As far as I have gotten in the comics (Issue 52) and 2 seasons I don’t remember much more than a small hint in one of the webisodes between seasons one and two that have suggested any cause of the outbreak.  To know that some form of Government is still trying to run our Country would only add to comedic value.

Bonus Wish

Season 4

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