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BUT WAIT! A Pro to Marvel’s Con (Shared)

So RavenHaired over at www.coverstosleepunder.wordpress.com posted this unbelievably vicious cover for the upcoming Marvel Ronin series by David Aja.

I could honestly careless for another incarnation of Wolverine or Deadpool, sorry but frankly Deadpool is just this new generations Wolverine…. an overrated and boring character.  And frankly I am not buying the Hulk as a samurai story arc; but I will hold my judgment on that because when Stan Lee reimagined DC the comics like Batman and Superman that I was looking forward to were just stinkers and it was Aquaman and Robin that really shinned for Lee’s touch.  So gems are found in the darkest of corners I guess.

But Psylocke, I just buy the Samurai angle, and nothing is a bigger drool-fest for me then Geishas and Butterflies, throw in a samurai sword and I am in love.  Sad how a guy can say he is in love with a two-dimensional art character in a comic.  But what can you expect from a species that if you ask who are their top 5 women of all time and 80% will list Jessica Rabbit in that group!

Happy reading and check out RavenHaired’s blog

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