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BEST of 2010: Sports Video Game

NBA JAM 2010

Duh, in a year with NBA Jam you think there is any other option?  NBA Jam may not be the most visually stunning game.  It is certainly not the most accurate game.  But is there any game more classic and competitive in the sports genre than NBA Jam?  No way.

NBA Jam stayed 90% faithful to the Midway classic of the 1990s.  The graphics have obviously improved and the animations look incredibly smooth but the concept basically the same as when you were a kid in the arcade playing with Dino Radja and Dee Brown.  This time around the roster has the current players in the NBA Players Union, no players were excluded based on individual contract negotiation problems like found in the original.  The classic characters roster turned out to be very good and aside from a few obvious omissions it is great that they were able to get so many into the project.

The cut and paste heads make the players look like a high-profile production of South Park, this is not a criticism just a fact… but damn they look funny, just look at KG in the accompanying photo with this award.

The game can be picked up in 5 minutes, but the pleasure will last a life time.  EA had to scrap NBA Elite for the year, but does it really matter.  I say leave the Sport Sim to NBA2K and just focus on Jam.

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