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Best in 2011: MUSIC

This is always a category guarenteed to piss someone off, wait every one off.  If you ask 50 people to list their 5 favortie albums you will have 50 different answers guarenteed.  Even if those 50 people belong to the Beatles-Only Listening Club they will fight amongst themselves about why Sgt. Pepper is better than Abby Road and visa-versa.  Music is almost as bad a topic to discuss as religion.  But anyways, here we go.


Hard Rock/Metal – Leveler by August Burns Red
Rock – Alchemy Vol1 by Poets of the Fall
Hip Hop – Rehab: The Overdose by Lecrae

Honorable Mention:

Decas by As I Lay Dying
Fear of Infinity by While Heaven Wept
Watch the Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West

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