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This predates “Make Room! Make Room!” (Soylent Green) by a few years, not to say population control was Kurt Vonnegut’s idea for conception, but these happen to be two of the most beautiful depictions of dystopian birth control rights.

While Soylent Green is the most recognized and most likely unintentionally humor manners in which way we control the growing numbers of people in our communities, they also take a dark, dirty and unwilling society into realization what is going on in the factories around their cities.

2BR02B is the anti-thesis where society is much more clean, beautiful and fully implicated in the world they reside.

Writing a review on 17 pages without ruining the story is near impossible… sort of you not liking this story. Read it for free on your Kindle or right in Amazon’s Cloud Reader. In 30 minutes you could watch a great episode of Seinfeld you have seen 2 dozen times, or you could read one of the greatest short stories ever written.

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