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Rise of the Samurai – Isao Machii Cuts Fired Pellet in Half

The 1980s was a great era for the ninja, everywhere you turned there was a costume for sale, bootleg throwing stars being sold at flea markets, the biggest characters in G.I. Joe were Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes and biggest of all kids trying to emulate Sho Kosugi from the numerous ninja flicks that were busting off shelves in the video rental stores.

Isao Machii has the skill to make martial arts cool again but this time it will not be men masked in black and white, the sword wielding heroes will come in the form of the Samurai.  Most recently Machii-san appeared on “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” a show that chronicles abilities today’s people have that could be viewed as superhumans/superheroes in his comic creations.

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