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Jon Gold: Freedom Fighter?

Let us toss out all evidence on what you believe about 9-11 Truth and look at this solely what it was built around, the search for truth in a tragedy that took the lives of 3k innocent people. 3,000 human beings lost their lives on that morning of September 11th.

Why is the book cover of one man? Why is the book a focus on one man?

Because that is the kind of guy Jon Gold is, he writes a book about himself and what he has done to find the truth. When in reality he has done absolutely nothing but promote other people’s ideas on the internet for several years. If you want to be a pioneer and make a difference, then you get a book with your face on it. If you want to support a cause and promote others ideas then you sit in tow like the rest of humanity with no biography.  This is the type of personality that a tragedy attracts, a man with nothing in his life so he attached himself to a cause to try to put his name in people’s eyes as a way to garner a morsel fame.  Ask him and he will deny the fact, but then the proof is in this book. Who writes a book about themselves as a person who has fought for truth and peace, when what they do is sit behind a computer and cut and paste people’s theories to a website… a message forum.  I will tell you once again, Continue reading

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