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Freezy Freakies

The great thing about eBay & 80stees.com is I will still have the opportunity to get my kid a pair of gloves that makes Massachusetts frostbite fun.

It would be great if Swany America, if they are still in business, caught up with the “old is in” mentality and released a whole line of these novelty gloves.

If you were raised in the toasty South you may be reading this with an awkward brow saying to yourself, “wtf is he babbling about.” I will catch you up, in the mid-80’s the Swany America Co. released a line of kids gloves that looked one way in the warmth of the indoors and when you went outside to sub-zero temperatures the picture changed to something fun and colorful.

I mean what winter isn’t complete without a kid sticking their hand in a snowbank risking permanent damage to their phalanges to see bright colors on their hands. What the Swany America Co. should have done is make the bright vibrant colors disappear in the freezing cold so kids would say, “whoa I need to get inside before I lose my pinky.” I hear they went on to manufacture M-80 pinatas and ventilated diving masks after the Freezy Freaky line was discontinued. And they say cigarettes were dangerous and marketed towards kids. These guys snuck right under the radar and created a whole community of mitten wearing kids… not because the mittens are warmer, but because they had no use for the fingers in gloves any longer.

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