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Einstein: Science’s Fixed Constant.

When it comes to most topics in life: medicine, nutrition, technology or even social structure our views change and evolve or even become more progressive. We are today learning, because of COVID-19, just how important funding research into super viruses can be to our society not as a nation or a community but on a global scale.

In mid-January while half of America was stressed over a potential conflict with Iran, worrying we may be on the brink of war and possibly dragging the rest of the world along with us, a silent threat was just starting to lurk.

By February their was mounting evidence that we could be facing our first epidemic since the Spanish Flu but there was such a feeling of invincibility in our Nations we were all like that popular feeling of being 12 years old, “It won’t happen to me (us).”

Finally by March realization set in the the world seen something no one would have ever imagined. Everyone hiding inside, hoarding and taking shelter. Not from nuclear threat of a Global Conflict, but from fear of a virus. Continue reading

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