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Flashback Review: Enter the Dragon

For years I actually resented Enter the Dragon because it was the Hollywoodizing of Bruce Lee’s movies.  The simplicity of his Hong Kong movies and the style seemed to be lost in big vast sets, huge cast and production costs.  But as I have over the years swayed from my perch and begun to accept it as a very good movie and worthy of its praise. Most of my gripe was with Warner Bros who has pushed individual collectors editions and large events surrounding a film that is 3rd or 4th best of his few films he made.

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Flashback Review: G.O.D. – A Warrior’s Journey

Everything that was wrong with Game of Death is made right with A Warriors Journey. John Little, one of, if not, the premier historians on Bruce Lee takes a look into the life of Bruce Lee prior to his death.

While Little covers many points of Lee’s life, philosophy and films, what really makes this documentary different from all the rest is the presentation of Game of Death. With the help of Lee’s notes and unused film Little brings us the intended vision of Bruce Lee. Continue reading

Flashback Review: Game of Death I & II

First off let’s get it out there, Game of Death as much as it is a Bruce Lee movie is not Bruce Lee’s movie.  Game of Death was supposed to be a tower of challenge where in Bruce would climb 5 stages and fight a master of each art form and show why his Jeet Kun Do was more practical than traditional forms of martial arts.  Instead we have 15 minutes of footage that Golden Harvest used to create their own storyline.

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