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Help Wanted: Ghostbuster Needed

There are so few teams to root for nowadays. Sure Batman & Robin are always around. Doc & Marty are long gone. Scully & Mulder are a thing of the past. Hell, even Harry, Ron & Hermione have graduated and moved on. There is the FIREFLY gang, more popular than ever but we know that that boat has sailed. But there is a team that has yet to be eclipsed in fandom since their debut back in 1984. I am talking of course about Venkman, Stantz, Spengler & Zeddmore. Collectively they are known as the GHOSTBUSTERS. Continue reading

The Oscar Awards Winners Are…

Because like the Grammy’s the awards will be evenly divided between the films that showcase Hollywood’s best faces. Expect to see Martin Scorsese and the folks of Hugo make several trips.  Why don’t they call the Oscars the “yearly celebration of one film and the ‘thanks for coming’ participation awards of a few others.” It will never be anything more.

So here we will have no singing, no horrible skits, and no crappy host.  And best of all this will take you 5 minutes tops, I have under cut the Academy by 3 hours and 6 minutes run time.

Michael Emerson presenting for Best Actor – In a year with no real stand out performances it was an easy choice to select Continue reading

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