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Anomaly v1.5 [Book Review x2]

Nearly a year ago author Peter Cawdron took and dropped a gem on the indie book scene with Anomaly.  The story of an under-achieving teacher who goes from field trip spectator in downtown NYC to over-achieving armchair scientist in the blink of an eye and thrusting himself into the biggest moment in human history, first contact.


In January of this year I read and reviewed this story [LINK] and gave it 4 1/2 stars out of 5 or an A- overall.  Last week the author shot me an email that he had updated and expanded the ending and asked me to take a look at how it had changed.  Mr. Cawdron stated,

“There were two reasons behind the rewrite. Firstly, the [UN] invasion didn’t come off as plausible, and understandably so, but the second reason was more important. Like a lot of writers dabbling in science fiction, I made the plot bigger than the characters. In rewriting the ending, I tried to focus on building some depth of character, wanting to ground the story and give the reader someone to relate to.

The chance to revise and improve a story is not something many authors consider, whether it was feedback from comments and reviews on Amazon and Good Reads or just plain not 100% happy with their own work. Continue reading


Before Christmas the prospect of me reading a book by an indie author was slim-to-none.  Not that I wouldn’t care to read a book not written by an author not named King, Asimov, Poe or Dickens, but for a person that shops within his comfort zone of large retail book stores and his local library how would I find something so obscure.  When I look for a book I hit the new release racks and browse the bindings, familiarity is what would catch my eye, and frankly if I had to choose between a no name and Grisham, I am reading Grisham every time because the likelihood of disliking the book is much like my earlier chances, slim-to-none.

Christmas changed all that when my wife bought me a shiny new Kindle.  The world of books immediately expanded.  Shopping has never been so much fun.  I always though an e-reader would take the book out of my hand and lose the beauty of discovery.  While that is true, it also opens doors a library could never open.  I click on a few favorites and Amazon is recommending me all worts of things I would never find on my own, people I have never heard of and the reviews tell their own tales.  While I will grab a stinker from time-to-time I am sure, the ability to step outside of my comfort zone is proving the grass is really greener on the other side.

Continue reading

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