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New Baby!!!! ~Geek Content Inside~

You all remember my ranting review for my “White Geisha Box?”  Well maybe not, actually I doubt it.  I will summarize, it was a blog about my love affair with my XBox who has since passed.  RIP.  I did replace her with “The Black Dahlia” and used “Geisha’s” memory so she is still in my heart.

Last night I took in my new buddy, an 11 inch M11x Alienware Laptop.  Not impressed?  This little beast has a 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 335m Graphics Card, 8GB of DDR3, a 320 GB Hard Drive and a clockable 1.73GHz processor.  What does this mean?  It means I am walking around with an 11 inch laptop that has more power than most desktops.  I can tear up Mass Effect on the road or rack my brains to Portal while I sit in a bathroom at a comicbook convention.  The life.

What can I do with 320gb you ask.  Easily 150 GB of music and movies which I can now expand but also thin out some crap.  I have 30GB of comics I still have yet to read and of course 30GB of wedding photos and video’s of my son.  That leaves me with another 120 I can expand into gaming.

Star Wars: Old Republic any one?  Now that I have the muscle to play it at recommended spec I may have to check it out.  Until then I need to check out so good gaming on the go.  email me suggestions at obiwancanubi@gmail.com

Besides the norms the laptop is laden with alien buttons, scifi style letters on the keyboard and backlit AlienFX.  It is such a nerd machine it’s not funny. I will review it in about a week along with a naming ceremony.

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