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Fall T.V. (The New Shows)

Everyone hates to see a good show go, I will miss Law & Order, I will miss Rescue Me.  Some people will say Two and a Half Men and SVU are so different they are gone or not the same.  In any case some people only have enough time budgeted to watch a few shows a week tops and with one ending something can take it’s place in your busy schedule, here are a few opinions.

2 Broke Girls

If you are not watching this show you should be.

This show is written so well I can say it will be as big as Cheers if it stays fresh.  I have laughed harder in these first two episodes than any show I can remember with the exception of Big Bang.  The writers found a topic and just went for it with no held punches.  Hopefully they did not blow their stockpile of jokes in the openers to gain an audience.

Imagine Romy and Michelle if they were envisioned in this decade as New Yorkers.  Two women from two different worlds.  One born rich now broke, the other poor and still broke.  Through fate they end up roommates trying to be more than two starving girls in Brooklyn.  Caroline (former rich girl) teaches Max about success and believing anything is possible while she learns humanity and reality from Max  Sounds cliché, but cliché rarely has a socialite lying in 4 inches of horse “brooklyn.”

The back and forth is what makes the show so entertaining.

Rating after premiere plus 1 episode A

Up All Night

I don’t think Christina Applegate is a good actress, we fell in love with her based on a role and continue to love her for that role… sort of like a pretty Michael Richards.  Will Arnett is just annoying.  Together they make up a duo of “Worst Show Ever.”  I lasted 5 minutes before my wife shut it off because I whined so much.

Rating after 5 minutes F


I don’t want to confuse a great premiere with a great series.

Poppy Montgomery plays a detective who can not forget, and I mean forgets nothing.  But she can not remember the most important day of he life as a child finding her dead sister and seeing his killer.

The debut was great, but I am not convinced that this does not get old fast.  I have hopes, but I can just imagine that week after week of her photographic memory is going to make the show and mystery boring.  I hope I am wrong, I will find out because I will keep watching.

The actual concept of showing how she remembers minor but important details is incredibly creative and you would imagine this is how the elves in our minds work… only she has more productive elves.

Rating after premiere B

Person of Interest

This is the show I was looking forward too all summer and I will tell you why in two words: Michael Emerson.  He played Ben the guy you loved to hate on Lost.  I loved him.  He was evil and for the most part self-serving, but opened up by the end, only along the way you got to hate one of the most brilliantly portrayed characters on tv.

My only disappointment in the show is Emerson’s character Finch has limited screen time and not much potential to earn more.  The show clearly focuses on his “employee”  Reese who is given a name each week and must find out whether he needs to save them or stop them from a crime that will somehow involve them.

Mr. Finch, the creator of a government database that is in reality the ultimate big brother spits out information collected on someone who will be the victim or perpetrator of a crime, it is Reese’s job to monitor and protect or stop the person.  A modern-day Michael Knight with better hand-to-hand combat.

In the end, I loved the show regardless of Emerson’s advisory type role.  I still like the fact they kept his shady and mysterious… why not JJ Abrams scored with Lost, why can’t he use the same talents to score again.

Rating after premiere A


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