Flashback Review: G.O.D. – A Warrior’s Journey

Everything that was wrong with Game of Death is made right with A Warriors Journey. John Little, one of, if not, the premier historians on Bruce Lee takes a look into the life of Bruce Lee prior to his death.

While Little covers many points of Lee’s life, philosophy and films, what really makes this documentary different from all the rest is the presentation of Game of Death. With the help of Lee’s notes and unused film Little brings us the intended vision of Bruce Lee. Continue reading


Flashback Review: Game of Death I & II

First off let’s get it out there, Game of Death as much as it is a Bruce Lee movie is not Bruce Lee’s movie.  Game of Death was supposed to be a tower of challenge where in Bruce would climb 5 stages and fight a master of each art form and show why his Jeet Kun Do was more practical than traditional forms of martial arts.  Instead we have 15 minutes of footage that Golden Harvest used to create their own storyline.

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Flashback Review: Way of the Dragon

If you only see one Bruce Lee film in your life see Way of the Dragon, not because it is Lee’s best film, but for two reasons:

1.  Way of the Dragon is Bruce, he wrote, directed, choreographed, produced and starred in this film.  His personality and charisma comes through like no other and we really get a glimpse of who Lee was as a person.

2.  Chuck Norris

Following the success of Lee’s first two major film he had in a year earned the power to create his own film in his own image in every aspect.  While not a professional filmmaker he could have fooled anyone watching as this is arguably as good as any work he produced in his short career.

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Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Flashback Review: Fist of Fury

Fist of Fury, sometimes referred to as the Chinese Connection is the second film of Bruce Lee in his Kung Fu Cinema collection.  The title confusion comes from the movies being sent to America and somehow The Big Boss ended up with the Fury title and the mo vie execs then gave Fury the Chinese Connection title in reference to the French Connection thought the two films have absolutely no plot relation.

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Techno Bruce

Flashback Review: The Big Boss

The first of Bruce Lee’s collection released in 1971 designed to showcase his martial arts talents for Golden Harvest Films. Bruce had done television and some films when he was younger, but he always had small roles and his skills were more of a gimmick then a showcase moment.  The Big Boss changed not only Lee’s perceived role in cinema, but martial arts image in the eyes of the movie-going world when Big Boss broke all Hong Kong film records and made Kung Fu Cinema a legitimate genre for the decades to come.  This was by no means the first of its kind, but it opened the door for a new cast of fans that would otherwise have not tuned in. Continue reading

Be Water My Friend: The Pierre Berton Interview

Bruce v Tupac

Bruce Lee Lives!

Bruce Lee documentaries are a dime a dozen, google or search for Bruce Lee DVDs and the list is endless.  While most are worth nothing more then their cool cover photos, a very select few are essential viewing for any fan… hell any person.  Two documentaries have come out in recent years, How Bruce Lee Changed the World, a recent film aired from the History Channel made that jump of generations and changed paths.  Older documentaries from the 70’s and 80’s while great all featured people who knew and loved Bruce and would tell the world what Bruce meant to them and how great he was at what he did in films and life.  What History Channel did changed the game, what Fuel TV did, was take the idea of HBLCtW, and some may say copied, but really, I say expanded.

Fuel TV release a 6 part series and brought in primarily people who never knew Bruce Lee and how he changed today’s culture and the nitch they represent.  It would be easy to march out martial artists and action movie stars, but Fuel brought us skateboarders, musicians, actors, illusionists, motorcross, stuntmen, dancers, teachers and of course UFC fighters.  From immediate memory, Dan Inosanto is the only person who stood out as a close associate and friend of Lee, most if not all were people who were not even born until years after his death.

Knowing that his wife or close friends felt blessed by a great man is touching, but  seeing how a man can affect lifestyles 2 generations is iconic.  In Bruce’s own words:

““The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”

In the quantum physics of it all, you, myself and everyone affects future history whether we accept it or not.  You never know who you are giving birth too, or what future is changed when someone dies.  But when you take hold of the world so strongly people can see the strides you have made.

Broken into 6 sections, The Fighter, The Entertainer, The Individual, The Martial Artist, The Trendsetter, and The Master; each episode tells how he made the world a different place.

While originally airing throughout the summer, Fuel routinely shows the episodes most weeks.  Highly recommend setting your DVR to catch this show.

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