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Cafe Terrace and the Doctor

It has been quite a while since I have written anything, sometimes your creative side needs a bit of a break.  What better way to reemerge then with some timey-wimey stuff.

Anyone that watches Doctor Who knows the episode of Vincent and the Doctor as something special.  Not necessary as an episode that was any better than the others, but rather as the episode that they didn’t expect to be teary eyed and vulnerable in the wanning moments.

Here are a few photoshops I was playing around with this morning while waiting to indulge in some corned beef and cabbage.


The Tardis in the Cafe square.


The Angel sits in wait.  Don’t blink. Run.


The Silence observe in the Cafe. Unsuspecting to the people of the square, but Vincent’s altered perception might allow him to capture their form on canvas. (There are four, can you find them all? Better yet can you remember.)

One more week and the season resumes. Frankly I am excited for Jenna Louise Coleman’s character, I think she will quickly become a classic with her witty nature giving the Doctor a real intellectual rival and will leave Pond fans saying “Amy Who?” This should be a Doctor-Companion duo that could match the chemistry of the 10th and Rose.

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: 7000 Wii Systems Stolen and a Chance for Thieves to Make it Right

Many a news readers chuckled this morning while reading the news that thieves were able to pull up to an air cargo in the Seattle area and use the warehouses own forklifts and equipment to load up the two tractor trailers with $2 million dollars worth of gaming systems and drive off into the night.

Sgt. Cindy West, is quoted as:

” I’ve been a cop for 28 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this. This has come straight out of the movies.”

But I am not writing this to describe the crime, if you haven’t heard or want to learn more try [HERE] or [HERE] both give you the facts and vehicle descriptions if you plan to play Sherlock Holmes and solve the case and bring the toys back to Nintendo.

But if you are the criminals or know how to reach the criminals consider this plea.  Be Santa.

This past week the news has been hard on adults, but also extra hard on the trust in children who had their innocence and sense of childhood immortality shattered by the actions of a man just out of his childhood.

Here is my plea:

Play Robin Hood, you have already stolen from the rich (Nintendo), now give to the poor.

Frankly, once you begin to sell 7,000 Wii U Systems on eBay or out of a truck the authorities will track the lot numbers off the box you will be tracked down and done in with nothing to show for your crimes but a prison jumpsuit and a cellmate who is in for a violent crime. Not the best outcome to a dream of fortune.

Make dreams come true. Wrap the Wii Systems and distribute them to people across the country to systematically start handing them out to children on Christmas Day in the less well to do neighborhoods where thoughts of getting are outweighed by the financial ability of giving.  Give them to the children of deployed service men and women.  Give children back that glow and hopefulness.

No jury of your peers will ever convict you for the crime if brought in front of a court for crimes of giving.

Merry Christmas.  God Bless and do the right thing.

Way of Water, the Dragon’s Influence on Life

With today November 30, the month is waning and I am actually sad to see “All-Bruce Month” come to an end.  A 30 day of reflection on Lee Jun Fan’s teachings and observation into his contributions to films have been a wonderful task and possibly the most fun I have all year, every year on this blog.

Look back and rewatching each film has actually changed my own rankings on his films and made me appreciate Enter the Dragon for the great film it is, not just what Hollywood holds supreme.  To look at it objectively without my long-held bias has truly made me observe the great film it is and what I have been missing for 24 years because I have been irritated by a studios power over the media outlets.  I believe Bruce summed that up in Enter the Dragon himself when he was teaching the young boy, “It is like a finger pointing at the moon.  If you concentrate on the finger you will miss all that heavenly glory.” The Dragon is always teaching even 37 years after his passing; and I am listening still.

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How Bruce Lee Changed the World

Set your DVRs, somewhere on the History Channel several times a week is a stunning documentary chronicling the impact Lee’s movies and lifestyle had on post-life culture not only in films but sports, music and health & Philosophy.

Right off the back LL Cool J hit it on the button why Bruce Lee is so beloved and was generations ahead of his peers in the 1970’s martial arts films. Bruce did not have to speak with words for you to understand him, he had his hands, not just for punching, but his body language. Even more so were his eyes, no actor has ever said so much with a look and a smile, his facial acting makes even a veteran like Morgan Freeman look like a soap star.

My only grudge with the documentary is the focus on Enter the Dragon’s impact on society. I recognize the films importance for the genre and bringing it to the forefront of media recognition of the art. Without Enter the Dragon Bruce is still a legend, frankly his prior 3 films were so much more amazing. Most believe his best work was that of his Hong Kong films before he filmed a movie famous in America.

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