Documentary Review: Martial Arts Master, The Life of Bruce Lee

There are almost as many Bruce Lee rip-off actors as there are Bruce Lee documentaries.


The one thing most documentaries share with Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Bronson Lee and Bruce Lei to name a few is that they have little to do with Bruce Lee and more to do with trying to squeeze a few dollars out of his name.

Only a handful of documentaries are worth the watch, The Life of Bruce Lee is one of the very select group that should be worth any of your time.

Comprising mostly of actor who’s paths significantly crossed with Bruce, they tell of the professional side of his life.  Leaving out the myth of his personal side, actors like James Colburn, Jim Kelly and director Robert Clouse tell of his work ethic as well as his kind and almost shy nature on the set.

Early students and business partners in his Gung Fu Institutes tell of his early desires to be a legend in films years prior to his actual success.

The only person that speaks on a truly personal nature is his brother Robert who gives insight to Lee’s acting career from the the family perspective.  Brandon Lee, his son,has 5 minutes of material at the end, speaking mostly as a student of his father.

Left out is speculation, post humorous fables and personal touting.  The closest the guest get is when James Colburn exaggerates that a 1-inch punch put off his feet and flying through the air.

If you are looking to look into the “real” Bruce this documentary is worth the 53 minutes it will take to view on Netflix.

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