Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison

These are the comics that make Star Wars such a valuable property, the SWU is so deep and diverse that in a hundred years if people still care they can still be writing stories within the scope of Episode 1 through the New Republic and if the writers stay original so will the stories and ever-growing character pool.

Focusing mainly on characters we have never even heard of before Dark Horse may have release the best Star Wars comic in nearly a decade since the end of Star Wars Tales.

Amid the timeline of the first Death Star’s construction a terrorist student uprising at the Imperial Academy takes control of Coruscant with the intention of luring General Tarkin to the facility and destroy the Empire’s prize weapon before it is complete.

Thinking that Vader and the Emperor have died during the initial attack and release of toxic gas throughout the palace the rebels bide their time for the arrival of the seemingly third and final piece to bring down the blossoming Empire.

Lieutenant Tohm, the sole loyal cadet of the class assists the escape of a dying Emperor, Vader and  Moff Trachta who travel to the secretive Jedi Prison previously know only to the High Jedi Council where they care to the aid of their leader and devise a plan to take back their home base before similar thinking worlds rush to the aid of the surprise army.

Deciding to free the prisoners Vader pits them against one another to find the most vicious and deadly of the bunch provide service to the Dark Lords and win their freedom.

As the group is assembled Lt. Tohm further proves his brilliance and worth providing Lord Vader with a way to intercept General Tarkin prior to his arrival at Coruscant and surprise the rebel uprising.  Tohm is a great character that you find yourself drawn to because of his resourcefulness and complete lack of fear of the towering Dark Lord.  At points you will question Vader’s fear of Tohm and what he could bring to his own future.

In the wake of victory Vader is ruthless in his decisions reinforcing the image that was lost in the years since we have begun to know him as Little Anakin and his redemption that saved his son from the hands of the Emperor.  These acts are the legends that held a universe at arm’s length.

What is most impressive of the comic is that because of the presentation to find yourself pulling for Vader and Tohm, though in just a few years the Rebel Alliance is viewed as heroes for attempting the same maneuver.  It is all in the way the story is told.

The art work of ghost Prison is the classic semi-realist artwork with limited palette that is typical of SWU comics of the cannon nature. I am not the biggest fan of this style, but it relays a much more graphic imagery and serious tone then the cartoon-style.

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