Yahoo! TV First Look: The Walking Dead Season 3

I too can not wait.


Are you excited for the return of this little show about zombies?  Well, I am!  AMC released these promo pictures exclusively to Yahoo! and here you get to see some of the main characters including my personal fave Michonne!  The wait is killing me!

The Walking Dead Season 3 kicks off October 14 2012.

Rick Grimes on top of a bus, with Prison as a background. Season 3’s gonna be EPIC. (c) AMC
Carl and Rick Grimes. The father-and-son journey is still in the horizon.
Glenn and Maggie. How will their love story unfold in the midst of apocalypse?
One of those TV-made characters, Daryl. He has become a fan-favorite, me included.
Here comes THE GOVERNOR! Is he a good guy, or will he wreak havoc to the lives of Rick and the gang? Let’s see.
Of course one of my favorite characters in The Walking Dead Universe. Michonne.  I…

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