Jon Gold: Freedom Fighter?

Let us toss out all evidence on what you believe about 9-11 Truth and look at this solely what it was built around, the search for truth in a tragedy that took the lives of 3k innocent people. 3,000 human beings lost their lives on that morning of September 11th.

Why is the book cover of one man? Why is the book a focus on one man?

Because that is the kind of guy Jon Gold is, he writes a book about himself and what he has done to find the truth. When in reality he has done absolutely nothing but promote other people’s ideas on the internet for several years. If you want to be a pioneer and make a difference, then you get a book with your face on it. If you want to support a cause and promote others ideas then you sit in tow like the rest of humanity with no biography.  This is the type of personality that a tragedy attracts, a man with nothing in his life so he attached himself to a cause to try to put his name in people’s eyes as a way to garner a morsel fame.  Ask him and he will deny the fact, but then the proof is in this book. Who writes a book about themselves as a person who has fought for truth and peace, when what they do is sit behind a computer and cut and paste people’s theories to a website… a message forum.  I will tell you once again, Jon Gold does, that’s who.

The book reads like a valley girls list of “this is what I have done” journal of accomplishments to get into her favorite sorority in college. Normal people do things day in and day out, but we don’t write books about ourselves.  The book takes time to point out who in particular on message boards have disagreed with Jon Gold over the years.  Is this really the troubles of an American freedom fighter? Internet message board feuds?  I know this knowledge first hand from years of watching Jon Gold post as “Gold9472” on numerous Howard Stern bulletin boards promoting his “George Bush is responsible for 9-11-01 agenda.  Most of the time using multiple accounts to create dialogue with himself in a sadistic form of self promotion.  At no point does Jon Gold lay claim to any personal discoveries, each and every theory and evidence was the work of another “investigator” that he has agreed with or disagreed with and there by disproved as truth.  Each and every person who Mr. Gold states has been seen as disinformationist or agent of chaos has done nothing more then disagree with his fringe beliefs.

Why would I bother trying to read a book I am against? Jon Gold has been roaming the internet for years posting his “evidence” for anyone that will read and fighting tooth and nail with anyone who believes that George W did not orchestrate 9/11 to further his agenda and maximize his wealth. All done on sites like 911Blogger, the Howard Stern Message Boards and one street corners with a sandwich board and I just had to see what his next venture into this new medium would bring.

You earn the right to have an autobiography when you have a tale to tell like Jessica Lynch the American Soldier held captive in the Middle East. You are should be honored with biographies when you have so affected the lives of others; that it is an honor to learn of your experience.

While I give the book 1/5 stars as a study in how one man has changed society and what he has done to lend to a movement based on internet breed psuedo-facts and half-truths. I would give this a 5/5 stars as a case study on clinical narcissism and histrionic personality disorder.  But I won’t even consider this a 1 star read, the English grammar is misused to the point Jon Gold’s 3rd grade teacher has given him three weeks detention and the term “I” is used so often you start to hear Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train intro in the back of your mind.

It is fitting that Cindy Sheehan writes the forward, another person that has taken tragedy and made it all about herself. It is a terrible shame that her son died serving his Country, but many families have had to deal with the death of their children and loved ones, she acts as her son was forced into service. He should be honored as a hero and she has him treated as a victim.

If you read any of the negative reviews written on Amazon you will see Jon Gold quickly chime in and attack anyone who disagrees with his professional assessment of 9/11 and how the fateful day unfolded, as a freedom fighter for peace, justice and accountability this is how you properly respond to disagreements. And as a freedom fighter it strikes me as odd that he has the time to sit on the internet to refute a reader’s opinion of his book, just my assessment.

Disclaimer: I have reviewed this book solely on the grammatical content and inability to make any type of case for the material in question, that being why Jon Gold felt the need to write a book about himself and his efforts of being a professional internet warlord of truth.  I do not believe that 9/11 was an inside job, but I will not hold someones beliefs as a reason for poor review.  I don’t necessarily agree with Alex Jones, especially on this subject (September 11th) but I have read his material and he is entertaining and he relays his points in a well written manner. Jon Gold is no Alex Jones.

And you now have the floor Jon, oh and Happy Birthday!

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2 responses to “Jon Gold: Freedom Fighter?

  • pcawdron

    Great post.

    Denial is an interesting study in itself.

    Yes is compliant. No is defiant. Yes goes with consensus. No stands against. Now, that’s not to say consensus is always right, but the issue here is one of reaction rather than rational thinking. Conspiracy theorists live out an illusion of independent thinking, feeling they’re individualistic, and that’s where the appeal comes in, the allure of standing against “the system.” Unfortunately, reason is not a factor in the debate.

    PS. Love the personal touch with Happy Birthday 🙂

    • ObiWanCanubi

      I really like that stance on conspiracy theorists. I have always though people find the world too vanilla and want to be part of an action movie. Sadly really the world is boring, corrupt, but boring.

      Jon is a decent enough guy when you talk movies and music with him. But discuss politics we disagree, even when we agree.

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