Greatest Sci Fi Series Poll

Over the next few days I would like to have some opinions of readers.  Here are some polls on tv, media and movies as to the best in their class.  In these polls I will try to keep the genres true as there will be several classes.  i.e. Superman is not in this poll because I will do a superhero t.v poll.

These are my personal 4 favorite sci-fi series, you can also add your own choice in the “OTHER” box and it will add to the poll.  I still haven’t voted, but it is between LOST and X-Files.

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4 responses to “Greatest Sci Fi Series Poll

  • ObiWanCanubi

    Anyone interested in the “OTHERS” so far they are both Star Trek thus far.

  • bck1402

    On your poll, I chose Doctor Who (although I’d see it more as Fantasy than actual Sci-Fi)… but there are really too many that I’ve enjoyed to fill in for “Other”. Over the years, the ones that have stayed with me include Babylon 5, Firefly, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Farscape (so much so that I got two complete DVD sets, the complete BluRay, Peacekeeper Wars on DVD and the Season 5 Trade Paperbacks!)
    One honorable mention for the anime Planetes – which is, for me, true blue science fiction. Highly recommended (best if subbed, but the dubbed version is surprisingly good) it if you haven’t seen it.

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