Falling Skies, Rising Interest

Two Seasons, Twenty episodes down and the show is still mostly a mystery.  With The Walking Dead keeping the Fall T.V. series interesting and action packed, Falling Skies is making summer television worth watching.

Some may compare the two shows to a disappointing second season with minimal action until the finale.  But in fact the show used the first season to build the action and suspense and used most of the second season for character development and answer some much-needed questions.

Producers got away from the high-production action series after the 80’s run of shows like A-Team, Knight Rider, Air Wolf and the Fall Guy and instead brought rise to the high-salaried comedy sitcoms with the success of Cosby, Cheers then eventually Seinfeld and Friends.  Hopefully the success of these shows will bring rise to a second coming of action drama success.

Keeping much of the aliens’ master plan secret we were privy to a glimpse of their history in season two with the enslavement of the Skitter race and their eventual willingness to rebel.  While giving us a peek at our future if we do not defeat the overloads… enslavement into their army, making us “the skitters” on future planetary conquests.

Casting on TNT’s blockbuster has proven great with Colin Cunningham as Pope and Will Patton as Captain Weaver stealing the spotlight.  The lead family of the Masons’ is well cast but not eye-popping like the former.

Continuing to move forward the Summer of 2013 should be equally as enticing, the only drawback is the long wait.  Still continuing to be the second best show on t.v.

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2 responses to “Falling Skies, Rising Interest

  • Marcus

    I’ve tried to get into the show but it seems like anyother alien invasion show. Saw about 3 episodes and got bodred with the storyline, what has changed? they were just running and fighting those spider creatures.

    • ObiWanCanubi

      Everyone has their own tastes and unfortunately if you stopped picking it up at this point will require so DVD catch up. It has really picked a diverse story line. The spiders (Skitters) we have discovered are enslaved just as the real invaders are trying to do to our planet. The humans have made some discoveries and led some offensives against their oppressors. I personally think it is worth your watch.

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