Would We Abduct Aliens? And Would We Give Them The Kardashian’s in Return.

So there are movies, books and tales of aliens coming to our world, taking people from their beds or lonely dark back roads and bringing them aboard ship in the sky for probes, experimentation and implantation.

This is typically the tale of horror and terror in their recounts; usually with a sub-question of “Why?”  Why would someone or better yet someone take us, terrorize us and subject us to trauma.

Frankly, I believe there are aliens or other lifeforms existing in the universe.  When logically thought out with the even remotest of possibilities it seems more likely then not that life exists somewhere.  There are 100 sextillion stars in the universe, if even one-one hundredths percent of the stars had only 1 planet, that would still leave us with trillions of possibilities.  It would be shallow and egotistical to think that we are the only life in such a vast and wide universe.

But this is not a debate about the possibility of some potential star sustaining life of some sort.

Imagine that Area 51 is not a warehouse of alien wreckage, imagine that Area 51 is a rouse and that it houses human technology able to travel the stars.  Maybe we made it ourselves, maybe we stole the ideas from E.T.  Regardless, imagine we have it.

We see movies and we watch Unsolved Mysteries and Ancient Aliens and hear of innocent people minding their own business who are taken to be cataloged for the advancement of an alien wikipedia.  If the United States, or any human society for that matter do just the same?

Why are the aliens (if they exist) really all that bad?  We do this everyday to tigers, monkeys and even our domestic animals who love to be kept in cages and homes.  We even experiment for what some consider a greater good… you yourself can decide what that means to you; is it cancer research or developing hair replacement methods that you draw the lines on animal experimentation.

In any event why does it matter, if we are doing it to animals and if you look through history to our fellow humans, why are the aliens getting a bad wrap.  Clearly humans themselves will do it, why can’t they.

I say we start packing up some of maybe the society degenerates and offer them up to the aliens as a good faith token.  You would think that sending murderers and rapists are a good start, but sure maybe for the painful experiments or alien disease testing.  But I am sure the aliens want pets for their zoos too, lets give them the “reality stars.”  These folks feel the need to flaunt their moronic behavior for all America to see, why not give them the opportunity to annoy the folks of Prepoia.  Imagine packing up a box with Paris Hilton, the Situation, Khloe, Kim and the other one for a one way trip to another world.  Oh the comfort that brings to my dreams.

Where did this blog go so far off track?  I need to start limiting my Pepsi intake.

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